Sep 10, 2019


PEMF is a safe, non-invasive treatment that can be used before injury to not only enhance athletic performance, but also reduce the risk of becoming injured through strenuous training and competition. PEMF is not considered doping, as there are no chemicals added to the athlete’s body. PEMF devices use the body’s own natural electrical charges to heal cells and tissues, helping relieve stress, soreness and reduce lactic acid in muscles, reduce pain and swelling, relax muscles, decrease irritability of nerves, improve circulation, help your body detoxify, and stimulate RNA and DNA to balance cell membrane charge, promote repair of cell damage, improve sleep and reverse jet lagPulsed electromagnetic fields allow muscles to take in more oxygen, which in turn can significantly improve muscle performance and endurance.Muscle stimulation with PEMFs stronger and less uncomfortable than electrical stimulation, allowing higher peak torque muscle contractions with less discomfort – up to 215% higher. Some people have reported up to 60-70% improvement in overall performance after just a few weeks of using PEMF therapy. Muscles that are used heavily during training and competition tend to spasm, and one classic action of magnetic field therapy is to reduce muscle spasms by stimulating the release of nitric oxide.


Your body’s chemical reactions are stimulated by electrical signals, allowing cells to work more efficiently. Thus, PEMF works at the cellular level to both boost energy production and protect against cellular breakdown.  Injuries and stress on tissues produce swelling (edema), which delays the ability of tissues to receive the oxygen and nutrients they need. Ice is a common treatment for athletes, and ice will reduce superficial swelling, but it won’t touch deep bruising or swelling in the muscles. PEMFs penetrate tissues deeply and completely, without risking harm to superficial tissues in the process (unlike ice which can freeze these tissues, causing harm). Since PEMFs reduce swelling, blood will be removed from a bruised area more quickly, leading to faster recovery and the ability to return to training or competition.

A few examples include: former lightweight boxing champion Carlos Palomino; NFL players Terrell Owens and Garrison Hearst; Chicago Cubs pitcher and 2015 Cy Young Award winner Jake Arrieta; a former Red Sox outfielder and US Swim Team and Olympic Gold Medalist Brendan Hansen.  The Phoenix Suns basketball team even invested in a PEMF machine of its own.

There’s a reason so many well known athletes are turning to PEMF therapy: it works!

From pain relief, to injury recovery, to improved range of motion, PEMF exercise is a great option for any athlete seeking a natural solution. When it comes to performing at your best, good things take time and there are no quick fixes. But with PEMF, you can accelerate your results.*Source: Pulse PEMF: Hear why athletes choose Pulse: Presenting American Ninja Warrior, Jessica Clayton HERE

*The information shared above are excerptsfrom Articles written by William Pawluk, MD, MScBoard Certified Family Physician and Holistic Health Practitioner; Former Assistant Professor at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and University of Maryland. To read his full article, click here.