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Is PEMF safe to use

PEMF is typically safe to use unless you have an implanted electronic device including a pacemaker, defibrillator, cochlear hearing device, are pregnant, actively bleeding, have blood clots or are an organ recipient taking anti-rejection medications. In such cases, PEMF may not be an option for you. Full FAQ

What makes Pulse PEMF Systems PEMF Unique?

They created industry-leading PEMF technology that brings you real results. Pulse PEMF PEMF devices use specifically targeted accessories (i.e.: Square Pad, Paddles, Rings, Contoured Total Body Bed and Chair Pad) to deliver a pulsing magnetic field. Full FAQ

Does PEMF treat or address health conditions?

As Dr. Magda Havas, Associate Professor of Environmental & Resource Studies at Trent University states, “PEMF (pulsed electromagnetic field) devices do not treat a specific condition. Instead they optimize the body’s natural self-healing and self regulating function.” Full FAQ

Is PEMF complementary to other modalities?

PEMF is broadly useful because it is not limited to a body part nor does it treat conditions — it charges all the cells of the body. PEMF could also be complementary to other modalities and may enhance their effects. Full FAQ

Are Pulse PEMF PEMF systems FDA approved?

While there are PEMF devices that have been FDA approved to address specific medical conditions, Pulse PEMF systems and accessories are designed to deliver PEMF as exercise to “optimize the body’s natural self-healing and self-regulating function” according to Dr. Magda Havas. Full FAQ


1210 Cottonwood Creek Trail
Ste 300, Cedar Park, TX 78613
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