Sep 8, 2011


With about 70 trillion cells in an adult body, cell injury is common and repair is ongoing. Wherever there is pain, suffering and dysfunction there is cell injury. Everybody has at least millions of cells in the process of cell injury on a constant, daily basis. With aging there is cumulative cell injury. Unresolved cell injury, leads to cell death and contributes to and accelerates human aging. PEMF’s operate at the individual cell level, in every organ of the body, to help reverse cell injury, especially when used early in the injury process. Waiting for cell injury to get to the point of obvious disease or negative health conditions, allows aging to progress unnoticed, not to mention having all the consequences of disease. Unfortunately, most humans wait until they have a significant health condition before they begin using PEMF’s.


Promoting longevity requires intervention of the underlying causal conditions of cell injury where possible and facilitating cell recovery and repair at the earliest stages of cell injury. Aging can be slowed or reversed by ongoing health maintenance.PEMF’s improve biochemical activity at the cellular level and allow nutrients and other life extending chemistry in the body to migrate more freely to be more functionally useful and should be part of a comprehensive program to reduce suffering and enhance higher quality longevity.

Cellular aging is therefore the progressive accumulation over the years of chronic sublethal cell injury that may or may not lead to cell death but does lead to a diminished capacity of the cell to respond to injury. Low-frequency pulsed electromagnetic fields or PEMF’s, at the right intensities penetrate through the entire body affecting every cell in their path. Only cells that are out of balance are affected by PEMF energy.There is no other technology that I’m aware of that can with a single modality have both the range and depth of action that clinically directed PMFs can have, with no harm to healthy cells!

*The information shared above are excerptsfrom Articles written by William Pawluk, MD, MScBoard Certified Family Physician and Holistic Health Practitioner; Former Assistant Professor at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and University of Maryland. To read his full article, click here.