Dec 17, 2019


Children have the same biologic mechanisms for health and disease as in adults. In Dr. Pawuks two books, “Magnetic therapy in Eastern Europe: a review of 30 years of research,” and “Power Tools for Health: how magnetic Fields [PEMFs] help you.” He shares on the reported studies. He shares that in general whatever works in adults is likely to work even better in children, because of the fact that children heal faster and regenerate tissues better. Children also have a higher metabolic rate which equate to rapid healing and recovery. There are huge anatomical, physiological and metabolic differences depending on the age and size of a person, so PEMF sessions would vary in length of treatment time and intensity of the magnetic field. Low and slow would be most appropriate for children who are most vulnerable with significant health issues or with more acute disturbances.

PEMFs can be applied early on in the infectious process to speed healing and recovery.This can be especially important in dealing with things such as ear infections, sinus infections, upper repertory infections, even dental infections.  PEMFs also help with viral infections by causing developing viruses to have defective particles, rendering the viruses less active and secondarily helping the cells to be healthier and recover faster from the infection.

In summary, PEMFs can have an important role in helping children. PEMFs facilitate the body’s ability to defend itself better and faster and accelerate healing and recovery.Because infectious processes can be unpredictable, depending on many factors, both internal and external, is generally recommended that PEMFs be combined with antibiotics, antivirals and antifungal to produce the best and most predictable results. The combination appears to be much more effective and reliable than either one alone.

Dr. Pawluk continues to discuss Areas of ADHD, cardiovascular, diabetes, headaches, Immunodeficiency’s, pain, seizures, sleep issues and much, much more. He shares one example of 3-year-old, whose thumb was cut off in a doorjamb, was replaced and then underwent PEMF sessions for 1 1⁄2-3 hours per day and after 12 weeks, the thumb had completely regenerated including a new fingernail.

*The information shared above are excerptsfrom Articles written by William Pawluk, MD, MScBoard Certified Family Physician and Holistic Health Practitioner; Former Assistant Professor at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and University of Maryland. To read his full article, click here.